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Hi there. Thank you visiting my site.

I’ve been a full-time internet marketer since 2006.

Like many, I stumbled into the internet marketing business purely by accident. I was in Phoenix, Arizona in 2006 for a mortgage industry conference. At the time I was a seasoned mortgage broker making a solid six figure income in a red-hot industry.

The refi boom was reaching its peak and interest rates were at all-time lows. It was a glorious time to be in the real estate industry. Everyone connected to it: mortgage brokers, realtors, title representatives, appraisers, and investor reps were all making a killing.

Among the speakers that weekend in Phoenix was one guy who captured my attention because he was speaking off-topic. His name was Sean Roach and he was talking about making money on the internet. Although it was not mortgage-related I was fascinated by his business model and frankly everything that he had to say. Based on my skill set I thought that internet marketing would be something that I could not only excel at but really enjoy. 

After his presentation I approached Sean at his back-of-the-room-table and bought his internet marketing program that was entitled the Insider’s Guide To Internet Wealth. Ironically, it was the only program I purchased that weekend even though each speaker had their own program for sale. Fate?


Although I was attracted to internet marketing after going through his guide I still had no interest at that time in leaving my comfy mortgage gig. Hey, change is hard man! So I set it aside and kept writing loans…

Then it all came crashing down! Yes, the great real estate meltdown of 2007. Shit. 

In one single epic day I was laid off and out of work plus my freshly deposited five-figure mortgage commission check from my employer bounced at the bank. True story. To make matters worse my wife was also in the mortgage industry at the time. So there we both were, out of work, with a rubber paycheck and a four year old daughter at home! Pardon my profanity but in a word we were fucked.

Needless to say the next year was very challenging as we worked to pick up the pieces and start over. I vowed to never work for anyone else ever again and thus started my internet marketing company. But that’s another story for another day… 

This Site’s Genesis:

I created this site because I was looking for high end affiliate programs to promote. In my attempts to locate a good resource site for high paying affiliate programs I was disappointed. There were a few sites out there but they all sucked!

Here’s what those sites had in common:

  • Each was poorly researched leading to crappy programs that don’t pay off or sometimes don’t even pay you at all  
  • Old and rarely updated programs leading to both dead links and dead ends
  • Limited in scope listing only the obvious markets
  • Poorly organized

My goal here was simple: fix these problems and create the best website on the internet featuring big ticket affiliate programs. One that is well organized, updated daily, and listing only the most reputable and reliable affiliate programs available. One that encouraged feedback, suggestions, rants, and commentary to keep this agenda on track.

Initially I planned to make this a membership site but decided against it to instead see how it was received. It is monetized by a few banner ads, featured vendor listings, and affiliate links (of course) which are fully disclosed where used.

I welcome all comments and feedback.  Thanks for being here.

Sincerely – 

Bill Burniece
Denver, CO USA

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You may email me at beachroulette@gmail.com


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