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Affiliate Marketing Tools Of The Trade

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Automation tools are essential to make affiliate marketing a profitable business model. Below I’ve listed the tools I use to not only save both time and money but make my job 1000% easier and more enjoyable.

Before we begin I think there’s an important point to be made here. I only recommend affiliate tools that I actually use and like. And so should you. 


Because trust is the single most important element that an internet marketer possesses. You must earn it by being forthright and honest with your audience and  protect it by continuing to demonstrate integrity and confidence day in and day out. If you recommend a product or service you’ve never actually used before you’re putting your name on the line and taking a huge risk. Once you lose trust in the online world it’s very difficult to ever get it back.

Analytic Tools:

Traffic Travis

Free: Best Free SEO Software for all your SEO & PPC Management needs. Use Traffic Travis for both on and off page analysis as well as spying on your competitors. You can upgrade to a paid version that has a ton of additional features.


Google Analytics

Free: Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your flash, video, and social networking sites and applications. For a free application it provides an amazing amount of information that you’ll need to make profitable decisions in your affiliate marketing business.



LinkTrackr’s main objective is to help you track every sale, every lead in your business to the origin click. It will also mask your links and track upsells, downsells and one-time offers (OTO’s) .



Bluehost is my favorite hosting company since they’re the easiest to work with (in my experience anyways). Bluehost has been around since 2003, is built on open source technology, and is one of the world’s largest providers of cloud-based online solutions.

Website Builder: 

I highly recommend the WordPress platform since it’s the easiest to learn, most user-friendly, and the SEO (search engine optimization) that get’s you found by the search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) is mostly done for you by the WordPress framework.  Even someone who is an absolute beginner can make a beautiful and professional-looking website using WordPress.  The site you’re on is a WordPress site and I built 100% of it on my own without any experience.  So can you! 

WordPress is free but you’ll need a paid hosting account to get started.  There is a free self-hosted version of WordPress on wordpress.com but I would avoid that version since there are serious limitations on it that will cause you headaches down the road if you go that route.  As a general rule free versions of anything on the internet always come with compromises and limitations.  Instead use wordpress.org which is designed for self-hosted websites and the type you’ll need to be building as a money-making affiliate.

Don’t sweat all of the details because I’ve written a meticulous step-by-step tutorial that will walk you through the entire process located here:  How to build your first affiliate website.  In it I will show you how to get your first website live TODAY in three easy steps and in less than one hour. 

Autoresponder Emails:


E-goi is multichannel marketing automation made easy! It integrates e-mail, mobile, web, voice and social media campaigns into a single online system, making it a breeze for you to grow leads and automate your customer life cycle.

*Note:  I’ve written a series of articles on list building that you can read by clicking here.

Live Chat:


LiveAgent allow you to let customers contact you even if your support is not online by using customizable contact forms. If you’re not available live you can answer their requests later over email.

*Note:  I love live chat and strongly believe it builds both trust and improves conversion rates. I wrote an article to support my opinion here.





Affiliate Marketing Training Checklist

Building Your Foundation:affiliate marketing training checklist image

Step 1: Planning And Goal Setting

Step 2: Choosing Your Niche

Step 3: Selecting Your Domain Name

Step 4: Building Your First Website

Step 5: Listbuilding

Step 6: Search Engine Optimization

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