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The $30,000 Hamburger

Are You Ready For A $30,000 Hamburger?   Photo Credit: simbiosc via Compfight cc


Why Target The Affluent?

Why Target The Affluent?         *Microsoft Advertising 1. eMarketer, September 2010 (The 2010 Survey of Affluence and Wealth in America) 2. Nielsen @Plan Q4 2011 3. eMarketer, Feb 2012 (Reaching the Affluent Market Online) 4. IAB, July 2011 (Affluent Consumers in a Digital World) 5. iProspect/CNBC.com, May 2012 ** Businessweek: Luxury Brands Are […]


Purple Meaning

The Meaning Of Purple   Photo Credit 1: tompagenet via Compfight cc Photo Credit 2: dullhunk via Compfight cc


Luxury Retailing Online

Luxury Brands Reluctant To Embrace Online Shoppers May End Up Paying The Ultimate Price   Photo Credit: hypo.physe via Compfight cc    


Affluent Millennials

The Affluent Millennial Market Segment Photo Credit: Max Gaines via Compfight cc


Luxury Selling

Luxury Selling By Entrepreneur André Taylor Photo Credit: Cory M. Grenier via Compfight cc


Affluent Buyers Online

How Affluent Shoppers Buy Luxury Goods Online Photo Credit: luisvilla via Compfight cc


Luxury Market 2015

Trends Shaping The Luxury Market 2015   Photo Credit: Corvair Owner via Compfight cc


Wealthy Habits

What The Wealthy Do Vs. The Poor Photo Credit: mikecogh via Compfight cc


Mass Affluent

Mapping The Mass Affluent Online       *source = priceonomics.com infographic source = nielsen.com   Photo Credit: Salicia via Compfight cc


How The Rich Spend

How The Rich Spend Their Money *Bain And Company Inc. Photo Credit: Joseph Brent via Compfight cc


Selling To The Affluent

How To Sell To The Affluent  – by Mark Ling     Photo Credit: PhotoAtelier via Compfight cc


Special Report: Affluent Market Forecast For 2014

Affiliate Networks Report Strong Growth In Luxury Segment   2014 will be a record-setting year for marketing to the affluent. Thanks to emarketer.com for the charts and data. Photo Credit: DMadden51 via Compfight cc

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