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Lotto affiliate programs? Yes, for reals. Trillions of dollars are spent annually in lotto programs across the globe. Are you getting your share yet…

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1) LottoElite

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Affiliate Commissions:

  • You can earn commission through Revenue Share of Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).
  • For WinTrillions, which is branded as Trillonario in Spanish jurisdictions, the Revenue Share commission rate varies between 10% and 15% depending on the number of sales you generate per month. The threshold to achieve 15% isn’t too strenuous however, with just 25 sales required.
  • For CPA the payment per new active customer varies from US$35 to US$45 and 25 sign-ups is the threshold for the full rate.
  • Congalotto operates as a single ticket site, as opposed to subscription, and for this reason the CPA payment is lower at between US$10 and US$14. Revenue Share is available for Congalotto partners, and it pays the same rates as WinTrillions.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Website: Here

Affiliate Description:

LottoElite is the most comprehensive and potentially rewarding affiliate partner in the online lottery sector. The site forms an umbrella for links with two leading lotto brands, the best known of which is WinTrillions, and partners can choose to work with one brand or both. The service offers a comprehensive range of features to help partners keep track of their income streams and support is also available from a dedicated account manager – Always an advantage even in the connected world of affiliate partnerships.

The LottoElite site offers everything you need to get started with each brand (The other one being Congalotto), including regular promotions and marketing collateral available on the site. I also like the fact that, if you can’t find exactly what you want, the team will create it for you.

2) 24Monetize

Affiliate Commissions: Click through for details.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Website: Here

Affiliate Description:

  • The fastest growing platform in the lottery industry – over 100,000 happy members.
  • The simplest platform to play the lottery: user-friendly interface, official lottery games, single entries and latest results.
  • Over 12 local payments in Africa to get the best conversion possible. Our team continues to add more payments all the time.

3) TheLotter

Affiliate Commissions: Both CPA and revenue share options. Click through for details.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Website: Here

Affiliate Description:

Founded in February, 2002, theLotter is the first of its kind, offering people the freedom to purchase official lottery tickets from around the world. Over the years we have provided millions of players with tickets to lotteries across the globe, and enjoyed having more than one million winners on this site. We charge a handling fee, already included in the ticket price, which allows us to operate without taking any commissions from what our users win, no matter how big their prize is!

4) MyLotto – Jackpot.com

Affiliate Commissions: Both CPA and revenue share options. Click through for more details.

Affiliate Signup Link: Click Here

Website: See Below

*Yes: As you may have guessed, the link above is my two-tier affiliate link. There are a few of these links on this site to pay me a small commission and allow me to keep this site free instead of a monthly membership site. Using my two-tier affiliate link will not affect the amount of commission paid to you with this or any other program. My commissions are paid out of the vendor’s cut, not yours. Please use this link to ensure I can keep this affiliate resource website free and updated weekly. Thanks!
Affiliate Description:

Founded in 2006, MyLotto.com was the first-ever online affiliate program in the lottery field. Today, as the official online marketing program for Jackpot.com, MyLotto.com works with over 10,000 affiliates from around the world.

Jackpot.com offers players from around the world the chance to bet on lottery results and participate in localized offerings like UK syndicates. Jackpot.com is licensed and regulated, providing a platform that is scalable and with unlimited marketing opportunities.

Do you have a lotto affiliate program that isn’t listed here? Contact me and let’s talk about getting your program included so I can start sending you some highly targeted traffic. Thanks – Bill


More lotto affiliate marketing programs coming soon…


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